Vernacular Furniture

Mathers & Hirst Vernacular furniture is based on our research into the traditional native design of the British Isles. You can directly trace the heritage of The Shakers, post-war Scandinavian master makers and the Minimalists back to the British vernacular style. With such a strong source of inspiration, we want to continue this appreciation of craft and innovation. We are passionate about it and want to make it accessible for all.

Milking Stool

Milking Stool   £165.00

High Stool

High Stool   £215.00

3 Legged Chair

3 Legged Chair   £225.00

4 Legged Chair

4 Legged Chair   £255.00

Circular 3 Legged Table

Circular 3 Legged Table   £475.00

New 3 Legged Chair

New 3 Legged Chair   £195.00

New 4 Legged Chair

New 4 Legged Chair   £245.00

New Circular Table

New Circular Table   £475.00

Rectangular Dining Table

Rectangular Dining Table   £1795.00

Danish Rectangular Table

Danish Rectangular Table   From £980.00

Metal Base Table

Metal Base Table   From £980.00

New Cross Table

New Cross Table   From £600.00

New Refectory Table

New Refectory Table   From £1500.00

Occasional Table

Occasional Table   £220.00

Sliding Door Cabinet

Sliding Door Cabinet   From £800.00

Hinge Door Cabinet

Hinge Door Cabinet   From £800.00

TV Cabinet

TV Cabinet   From £980.00

Door and Drawer Units

Door and Drawer Units   From £800.00

Drawer Units

Drawer Units   From £800.00

Coat Rack

Coat Rack   £150.00

Day Bed

Day Bed   £1800.00

Cradle Sofa

Cradle Sofa   From £1800.00


Bench   £395.00

2 seater & armchair

2 seater & armchair   From £900.00